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Amarantha standalone modules

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Product Description

Flexible European designed and manufactured combinations to enable you to create various seating arrangements, regardless of access problems. Built in situ, these fully upholstered modules are designed to get through the tightest of spaces. Armchair starts from £690, 2 seat sofa from £1,045, 3 seat sofa from £1,435. Prices for each modular element as stated below. Our showroom display consists of 3 base units to make a flexible 3 seat sofa RRP from £1,539. Footstool RRP from £315.
Standard specification: Hard wood frame covered in polyurethane and laminated foam. Fitted foam base cushions. Removable foam back cushions. Fitted or loose covered armrests/backrests. Metal or wood legs. Joining clips, to bracket together easily as desired.
Options available: Prices will vary depending on fabrics selected. As an indication prices start from £315 for a footstool element; £108 each backrest / armrest; £58 per back cushion & £48 for the corner back cushion. Each corner starts from £625; with armless modules priced from £477 and a one armed module from £585.
Options available at extra cost: Any fabric or fabric combinations. Amounts stated provided assumes 140 cm width/plain. Scatter or lumbar cushions.
Type Width Height Depth Fabric size
footstool 80 x 60 80 43 60 2 mts
single seat base module 81 43 81 2 mts
double seat base module 162 43 81 4 mts
triple seat base module 262 43 81 6 mts
armchair 101 86 91 8 mts
2 seat sofa 182 86 91 10 mts
3 seat sofa 262 86 91 18 mts
armrest or backrest 81 48 10 1.5 mts
back cushion 81 48 18 1.5 mts
corner back cushion 67 48 18 1.5 mts
please note all measurements are in centimetres