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Product Description

Made in Spain, 3 sizes with a choice of 2 arms, curved or straight. Starting at £1,200 for the small sofa, £1, 280 for the medium & £1,340 for the large version (all straight arm versions). Also available with a storage chaise (left or right hand facing). This model may be purchased in any fabric of your choice. The small sofa with straight arms measures 160 cm, the medium 192 cm and the large 212 cm. Add 10 cm to the widths if choosing the curved arm option. The chaise is 95 cm wide x 157 cm deep - sizes shown below.
Standard specification: The frame, made of pine wood and MDF, has a 10 year warranty. Webbed seats, with a 10 year guarantee. Foam seat cushions and fibre back cushions, with 3 year warranty. Black glides.
Options available: Very wide selection of Spanish fabrics. Choice of straight or curved arms. Each sofa may be purchased as a sofa bed (see the Zzziesta) or as a one arm version (left or right hand facing) with the applicable storage chaise unit attached.
Options available at extra cost: Headrest (each £75). Scatter cushions (prices vary depending on size, filling and fabric). Available to be made up in any fabric (which must be fire retardant treated to comply with UK fire regulations). Our quantities are based on plain/non patterned fabrics. Buttoned back cushions. Buttoned base cushions / outer arm.
Type Width Height Depth
small straight arm sofa 160 cm 160 75 95
curved arm small sofa 170 cm 170 75 95
medium straight arm sofa 192 cm 192 75 95
medium curve arm sofa 202 cm 202 75 95
large straight arm sofa 212 cm 212 75 95
large curved arm sofa 222 cm 222 75 95
small straight arm sofa with chaise 240 cm 240 75 157
small curved arm sofa with chaise 245 cm 245 75 157
medium straight arm sofa with chaise 272 cm 272 75 157
medium curved arm sofa with chaise 277 cm 277 75 157
large straight arm sofa with chaise 292 cm 292 75 157
large curve arm sofa with chaise 297 cm 297 75 157
please note all measurements are in centimetres