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Product Description

Handcrafted in the West Midlands, these sofas are deep (103 cm) and squashy without being soft. Seriously lovely furniture! Prices vary based on fabrics used. As examples the 170 cm sofa starts at 1,650; the 190 cm starts at 1,750; the 215 cm starts at 1,850 and the 240 cm starts at 1,950.
Standard specification: 10 year warranty on the hardwood frame. High tensile steel springs. Foam seats with fibre wrap cushions. Feather back cushions with feather bolster cushions attached. Two matching box scatter cushions. Dark oak feet. Standard widths shown below. Sofa depth is 103 cm. 20 cm wide arms. Height from floor to seat = 42 cm, to the top of the arm/back = 50 cm, and to back cushions = 80 cm.
Options available: Light oak feet. Wide selection of fabrics from the manufacturers collection.
Options available at extra cost: Extra scatter cushions. Both the sofa and / or the scatter cushions may be purchased in any customer own fabrics. May be made to bespoke width sizes (depth and height can not vary). Bolt on arms.
Type Width Height Depth Fabric size
170 cm sofa 170 50 103 16 mts
190 cm sofa 190 50 103 16 mts
215 cm sofa 215 50 103 16 mts
240 cm sofa 240 50 103 16 mts
please note all measurements are in centimetres